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NMG One Go Live Update - August 11, 2016

We are less than a month away from Neiman Marcus Group’s Go-Live to a new Merchandising System. The new system will deliver a consistent view of inventory to all Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Last Call associates.
As we approach Go-Live, there are key system shutdown dates for you to be aware of:

  • 8/18 is the last day for any perishable items to be received; will not resume until 8/31
  • 8/18 is the last day to pick up shipments from consolidators for August Receipts

         * If you cannot have your goods to the consolidator by August 18th, your buyer will need to extend the cancel date to September 2nd

  • 8/19 is the last day for all NMG receiving facilities to receive Supplier to DC deliveries
  • 8/19-8/28 is when there will be no 850/860 transmissions. If an inbound EDI document is received after 8/18, those transmissions will be stopped and held at InterTrade until Go-Live.
  • 8/23 is the last day for NMG to post RTV’s


Please work with your buyer contact(s) to schedule all shipments and POs in time for the cutoff dates. Other considerations to be aware of:

  • If goods are at the DC, but not closed by the 8/23 cutoff, they will be secured in a gated area at the DC
  • Merchandise in trucks not processed for August will be processed on a first in line basis for September receiving
  • For September receipts, have your goods to the consolidator by 8/26
  • Suppliers can ship against legacy PO’s as long as it is an open order (units and dates). Suppliers should return the data they receive on the 850/860. Legacy data can and should be returned on the 856/810 post Go-Live


Chargeback Leniency:

  • If you ship past the cancel date, there will be no chargebacks through September 30th
  • We will assess each missing ASN situation separately to determine if a charge is appropriate
  • If you ship merchandise and the cartons have legacy information (old store numbers, department numbers, and DUNS) on them, there will be no chargebacks through Fall season


Reporting Update:

On August 22nd, your buyers will be scheduling your new reports with a delivery date of 9/4.
Current reporting will continue through the week of 8/28.  Reporting will reflect the new hierarchies and other changes beginning 9/4.
NOTE: Date subject to change based on User Acceptance Sign off


Continued Go-Live Reminders:

  • NMG has partnered with DiCentral to monitor that the Supplier community is compliant with our updated EDI maps and requirements.  If you have not been contacted and you are an EDI supplier, please reach out to NMGDITEST@neimanmarcus.com immediately.
  • All EDI documents will transition from 4010 to the 5010 maps (except VendorNet)
  • On August 28th, changes will occur (regardless if you are an EDI supplier or not) to your Purchase Orders and other documents:


Reference Number Location 
New four digit Department numbers Please contact your regular NMG Buyer
New Supplier Site numbers New Supplier Site numbers, Distribution Center numbers, and Store numbers can be found on NMGOps.com
New four digit Distribution Center numbers 
New four digit Store numbers
New Store to DC Ship to Locations Will be posted on NMGOps on August 28th 
Transition to a single Sender/Receiver ID 08-6125310421


In order to prevent complications with Supplier payments and the receipts of Purchase Orders, the current DUNS reference, Store numbers, and DC location codes must be maintained in your system until all open Purchase Orders have been shipped. If you have not seen your updated reference numbers, please visit NMGOps.com

If you have any further questions or concerns, please visit NMGOps.com

Thank you for your continued partnership and cooperation.