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Unique Reference Numbers - April 12, 2016

The Neiman Marcus Group (NMG) recently brought to your attention that we are in the process of converting our merchandising and planning systems to one common system across all of our brands and channels.  When complete, the new system will deliver a consistent view of our inventory to all Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Last Call merchant and planning teams.  

What’s changing?
As part of the new system, we will no longer use our internal DUNS number to refer to our suppliers. Beginning in August of 2016, we will be using both Supplier and Supplier Site reference numbers to identify our suppliers. These numbers will be seen in purchase orders, invoices and communications.

Additionally, we have established a new hierarchy across all our brand and channels, thus the format of all store numbers and DC location codes will be changing. The supplier should expect to see the following changes:
*DC (Ship to) numbers will now be four digits instead of three
     Example: 7079 vs. 091
*Store numbers will now be four digits instead of three   
     Example: 1001 vs. 001

Currently, NMG has one Sender / Receiver ID for each of our Chains (NM, LC, NMD, BG).  In August, NMG will be processing all Chains (except VendorNet / Dropship) from one system which means NMG will be transforming to a single EDI ID (08/6125310421).  Suppliers that sell their merchandise through multiple NMG Chains (NM, LC, NMD, BG) will have to use the store numbers on the POs  to determine the associated NMG Chain, if that separation is necessary for their process. This does not include VendorNet / Dropship, as they will continue to utilize their existing EDI Sender/Receiver ID (ZZ/6125310321)



These new numbers will go into effect on August 1st, 2016.   
In order to prevent complications with Supplier payments, the current DUNS reference must continue to be used up until the August 1st date.  Then, following this date, in order for Supplier payments to continue, all DUNS reference will need to be converted to the Supplier / Supplier Site number.  
Following August 1st, both old and new Store numbers and DC location codes should be maintained in your systems until all open Purchase Orders have been shipped.

What are my unique reference numbers?
There has been a new page created on the NMG Operations Portal at NMGOps called “NMG One.” We have uploaded a mapping table for the unique Supplier / Supplier Site reference numbers, as well as a reference guide for the Store and DC location codes. After logging into the NMG Operations Portal, please refer to the below to access this information:

1. Below, in the red box, you will see the two links to Duns to Supplier Site Conversion and Store and DC location codes.



2. Once the Duns to Supplier Site Conversion page is selected, the page below should appear. Please type in your old Duns number to receive your new Supplier / Supplier Site reference number.



3. Once the Store and DC Location Codes page is selected, locate your new numbers on the reference guide.  




Please be aware that NMG is still reviewing our supplier master file to make sure all of this data is prepared for go-live. In that review we may find the need to change the Supplier and Supplier Site number assigned to you. If so, the new number will be updated on the website. To ensure that you have the final numbers assigned to you, please check the website again closer to go-live to verify that the numbers are still the same.

Begin to work with your internal IT departments to update your reference numbers accordingly. Please also visit NMGOne and EDI FAQS  for additional details and register for EDI updates at Sign Up for Email Notifications

Additional information and details will continue to be shared from your NMG points of contacts in the weeks ahead. If you have any questions please contact us at nmg_one@neimanmarcus.com.

Thank you for your time and continued partnership.