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1.  Why is EDI testing taking place?

As a part of the NMG systems conversion, we are updating all of our EDI documents (with the exception of the VendorNet application) from 4010VICS to 5010(not VICS) and making significant changes to our EDI mapping documents. NMG has partnered with DiCentral to ensure that our Supplier community is in compliance with our updated EDI Maps and requirements. Compliance will be determined via a testing certification process. Nothing will change with InterTrade in terms of EDI traffic flow.


2.  Does my company have to convert to the 5010 maps?

Yes, every Supplier will need to utilize the updated 5010 maps. The VendorNet/Drop Ship application will still utilize the 4010 maps.


3.  When will my company need to be compliant with the 5010 maps?

June 9, 2016 is the target date for all NMG Suppliers to be compliant with the new 5010 maps.  July will be a “clean up” period before the Go Live date of August 2016.


4.  What if my company cannot comply with the 5010 maps by the deadline?

If you foresee an issue with meeting the June 9, 2016 deadline, it is imperative that you contact outreach@dicentral.com to advise them of such.


5.  What are the required documents for the new 5010 maps?

The 850 PO, 856 ASN, 810 Invoice, and 997 FA are all required documents that must be tested with the new 5010 maps.  The 860 PO Change and 846 Inventory Advice documents are also supported with the 5010 maps, but are optional.


6.  Will all divisions of NMG be switching to 5010 maps?

Yes, all divisions of The Neiman Marcus Group will be utilizing the 5010 maps.  This includes Neiman Marcus Stores, Neiman Marcus Direct, Last Call, CUSP, and Bergdorf Goodman.


7. Will all divisions be using the same sender/receiver ID?  If so, what ID will be used?

NMG is transforming to a single EDI ID (08/6125310421). This does not include VendorNet/Drop Ship, as they will continue to utilize their existing EDI ID (ZZ/6125310321).

All legacy sender/receiver IDs will remain active until all legacy POs have been received.


8.  What happens if an 850 is received with legacy data (DUNS, Dept, etc.) pre go-live, but the 856/810 are not created until post go-live?

It is imperative that you consume all data sent in any NMG Outbound documents and return the data on all EDI documents sent to NMG.  Legacy POs (POs sent with old data) should be returned with legacy data.


9.  How will I know when to use the new data rather than the old?

Suppliers are required to return data that is received in the 850/860 so any PO received prior to Go-Live should return an 856 and 810 containing the DUNS, PO, department numbers and store numbers just as they received. Suppliers will not have to do any translation. NMG will have systems in place that translate legacy data into our new department number and store numbers.


10.  What is a PIM SKU and what will it be used for?

The PIM ID will be the unique SKU across NMG systems used to identify product by color and size.  The PIM SKU will be included on the 850 PO and must be returned on the 856 ASN.


11.  Will EDI still be an overnight process for the Supplier to receive the 850 PO?

After the Go Live date, the outbound EDI POs will be transmitted every two hours.


12.  Will the new 5010 maps affect the Intertrade catalogue?

The Intertrade Catalogue will not be affected by the new system changes.


13.  With the system changes, will NMG be able to pull from more than one UPC catalogue?

NMG will continue to only utilize the Intertrade Catalogue to retrieve vendor style/UPC data.


14.  What are the new Store & DC location numbers?

Visit New Store and DC Location Codes to view the new codes that will be used beginning August, 2016.


15.  Why do Stores 79 and 90 now share the same new Store #7079, when they were classified as two separate stores previously?

Beginning August 2016, our new system will consider shipments for legacy Stores 079 and 090 as warehouse inventory allocated to Store number 7079.    Since Store number 7079 ships to DC number 7079, you will see 7079 as both the Store number and the DC number on your EDI PO.  Once your shipment arrives at DC/Store number 7079,  the Oracle PO type will internally distinguish whether or not the DC will stock the inventory  (legacy Store 079) or route to Express Allocation (legacy Store 090).    Express Allocation POs will most likely be written on a separate PO and will use PO type SS.  Lockerstock allocated quantities may be written on an order with our regular stores, and will most likely use PO type SA.  Suppliers should use the new Store #7079 after our go live date in August.  


16.  Can a single ASN have PO's from multiple brands (NMS, NMD, LC or BG) transmitted on it?

A PO can possibly have more than one brand on it depending on how the buyer writes the PO.  Just like they do today, Suppliers should create a separate ASN for each facility (DC or Store number if authorized to ship Direct to Store) they are shipping to.   If a Supplier that does business with multiple brands and has orders shipping to the same DC location, they can and should put both on a single ASN shipping to that facility.  For example, you can put a BG PO and an NMS PO on the same ASN when shipping to the ECDC.


17.  If I am only doing drop ship business, will the 5010 map changes affect me?

The VendorNet application will still use 4010VICS maps.  Since there are no changes to the VendorNet maps, no additional testing is required.


18.  What is the Supplier/Supplier Site number?

The Supplier/Supplier site number will be replacing today’s NMG DUNS number.  The Supplier number refers to the number associated with the name of the Supplier, while the Supplier Site number refers to the purchasing or paying location.  The Supplier/Supplier Site numbers will allow us to maintain Supplier information in NMG’s new system.


19.  Will all divisions use the same Supplier/Supplier Site number for a vendor?

More than likely the Supplier will have only one Supplier number, but it is possible that the Supplier may have more than one Supplier Site number.  To determine your new Supplier/Supplier Site number, visit the “DUNS to Supplier Site Conversion” lookup under the NMGOne tab.


20.  On the EDI transmission, will the SDQ segment have only one mark for location?

For 4010VICS the SDQ allows up to 9 stores for NMS, NMLC, CUSP and Bergdorf since they all use a 3 digit store numbers and for NMD, only 7 stores due to 5 digit store number.
For 5010 the SDQ allows up to 8 stores due to 4 digit store numbers


21.  Who should I contact with questions regarding EDI testing?

Questions regarding EDI testing should be directed to the below:

Registration Assistance: Outreach Team @ 281-480-1121, Option 6; outreach@dicentral.com

Testing Assistance: Compliance Analyst Team @ 281-480-1121, Option 6; compliance@dicentral.com

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