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What is JOOR? 

JOOR is the #1 global wholesale marketplace, connecting the best brands and top retailers for a more productive and engaging ordering and assortment planning experience.


How will Neiman Marcus Group use JOOR and how will JOOR improve the current process I have with my NMG merchant? 

Neiman Marcus Group has adopted JOOR’s technology to make the ordering-writing process between your team and the NMG merchants more efficient and streamlined.  With the below benefits, NMG expects appointment times will be shorter, allowing merchants to send commitments to your team faster than ever.  Here’s how:

  1. Faster appointment times: merchants can quickly and easily select items from an iPad, eliminating paper linesheets and manual order entry.
  2. More accurate orders:  Style data can be exported directly from the app, which keeps the information consistent between your linesheet and the buyer’s order, eliminating human error.
  3. Faster order review and approval process: Merchants will use JOOR’s reporting capabilities for class and trend analysis, while the DMM’s and GMM’s will use JOOR for real-time access to merchant buys.
  4. Quicker post-appointment follow-ups: Receive order confirmations faster than ever, giving you more time to analyze and forecast sales.


How do I work with JOOR so my Neiman Marcus Group merchants can write their order?

Already a JOOR Brand Client? Great!

It’s easy: for brands like you with Full Access to the JOOR Platform, simply make your linesheets visible to the Neiman Marcus or Bergdorf Goodman account and we’ll see you at our next appointment! 

***Don't forget to follow JOOR Data Standards and enter your data into the JOOR Linesheet Template for Full Access Brands


Not on JOOR? Prepare your linesheets now!

We’ve secured a Limited Access account for you on JOOR.  Brands with Limited Access will receive login credentials and further instructions in January 2018. You will be limited to the use of the Data Uploader so that JOOR can create digital linesheets for your Neiman Marcus Group merchant(s) to view and place orders off of. 

***Follow JOOR Data Standards and enter your data into the JOOR Linesheet Template for Limited Access Brands to prepare your style information and images for upload.  Please use these resources for effectively uploading your linesheets:  JOOR Data Uploader Tutorial and JOOR Help Center.


How can JOOR benefit my brand business? How do I apply?

JOOR works best when both retailers and their supplier partners have accounts on JOOR.  Suppliers who use JOOR experience immediate ROI impact from the following benefits:

  1. Streamline order process from start to end by entering notes and orders once during market, resulting in faster follow-up and order completion.
  2. Drive & target incremental sales through our global marketplace of the top retailers worldwide.
  3. Allow your retailers 24/7 access to your online showroom.
  4. Save 30% of your time on appointments, freeing your sales team up for more appointments, order processing or sales analysis/strategy. 
  5. Create beautiful custom visual linesheets for your retail partners with just a few clicks, download to PDF or share digitally.
  6. Analyze your business as it’s happening through our robust and visual reporting suite.
  7. Integrate with your Backend/ERP system to eliminate manual data entry and human error.


Neiman Marcus Group supplier partners will have the option to join JOOR. Membership on JOOR will give you access to the following features and tools:

  1. Brand iPad app
  2. Global marketplace of the top global retailers
  3. Linesheet customization
  4. Order management
  5. Real-time sales analytics 


Joining now will give you a head start on sharing your future collections with Neiman Marcus Group merchants! Click here to get started!  For questions or to learn more about the full suite of brand membership benefits at JOOR, contact retailerbrands@jooraccess.com.


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