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InterTrade UPC ecCatalogue

Last modified on Jan 26, 2018 3:39:48 PM CST

InterTrade UPC ecCatalogue  





Catalogue Solution for Sharing Product Data with NMG

NMG utilizes the InterTrade ecCatalogue to access their Supplier's GTIN/UPC/EAN vendor style matches and synchronize product data.  Any item NMG is buying must be loaded to the InterTrade ecCatalogue in order to receive EDI purchase orders. Please make note that the Intertrade ecCatalogue is the only GTIN/UPC/EAN catalogue that is used by NMG.  EDI compliant Suppliers must post all new SKU data on the InterTrade ecCatalogue within four to six weeks after market. Our purchase order systems make an inquiry to a specific Supplier's SKU data that they have loaded into the InterTrade ecCatalogue.  When matched to a specific vendor style number, the associated GTIN/UPC/EAN is retrieved and embedded into the purchase order.  Once approved, the purchase order is sent electronically to the Supplier with the matched GTIN/UPC/EAN.

The InterTrade ecCatalogue service is user-friendly and inexpensive for small to large vendors alike.  It supports core and extended product attributes as well as product images, as recommended by the GS1 US standards.  The online registration process is fast and simple


Registration for the InterTrade ecCatalogue is quick and easy.

  1. Fill in and submit the online registration form
  2. You will receive a registration confirmation e-mail containing your User ID and Password
  3. Load your GTIN/UPC/EAN information in the catalogue by one of the following ways:
    1. EDI document (832) - An 832 implementation guide is available in the Help section of the catalogue portal
    2. Excel Spreadsheets
    3. Manual entry using a web browser
  4. Grant The Neiman Marcus Group access to your catalogue. Once access is granted, The Neiman Marcus Group will be able to view your catalogue and style information.


For questions regarding the registration process, please contact InterTrade’s Catalogue experts at:

Toll Free Number:      1-800-873-7803, Option 3 (United States & Canada)
International:              1-450-786-1666, Option 3
E-mail :                      SOLUTIONS@INTERTRADE.COM 


InterTrade ecCatalogue Pricing Details

Catalogue pricing is broken down in tiers according to the number of GTIN/UPC/EANs uploaded to your catalogue and the contract terms selected at registration (1, 2, or 3 years).  


InterTrade ecCatalogue Service
Service Level and Pricing Details

Number of GTINs/UPCs/EANs 

in the Catalogue

36 months
24 months  12 months
1-25 $18 $19 $20
26-100 $33 $34 $35
101-250 $55 $58 $60
251-2,500 $118 $122 $125
2,501-100,000 $150 $155 $160
100,001 and above $190 $200 $210

~Pricing above reflects a monthly recurring fee based on the contract terms selected at registration.  A one time set-up fee of $150 is applicable for new customers only.

~Automatic discounts are applied for catalogues shared with 2 or more retailers.


For pricing questions, please contact or 1-800-873-7803, option 4.

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